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Hello everyone!,

Biosegura is a Spanish non-profit association that brings together consumers, processors and producers of organic food products. Since April 2005, the association is registered as such in the general Registry of the Region of Murcia under number 7891 / 1st.

Biosegura Association originates from a group of people motivated by the need for agri-food products of organic origin, as well as the need of some small farmers to find consumers for their produce. Since 2005, we work together to bring rural and urban areas closer together, to improve traditional relations between producers and consumers, to find consumer self-management solutions and also to make this world a more habitable, fairer and caring place for everyone. Our main tool to achieve these goals is the shopping cart.

Biosegura currently has 250 members and handles approximately 80 requests every week, a modest volume of orders. We base our collective effort on mutual trust to consolidate a very weak sector, as is the case of agriculture and organic consumption. It is therefore a priority to ensure a regular supply of organic food products to members, on a regional level whilst staying very close to producers. Coordination with the Organic Farming Council of the Region of Murcia ( and the knowledge and information we are building up about the farms are the best guarantees for consumers that the quality of our products will come to up to their expectations.

Among other intended activities we are undertaking some open-door events at farms and at companies that supply us, as well as very practical training courses on ecological farming, with the support of our farmers. We are also present at numerous events and fairs related to environment-friendly food production, biodiversity and consumer self-management solutions, and at barter events on Sundays in Murcia, named Sundays without haste. In addition, we promote and take part in organic farmers meetings and in other ones from networks such as REAS – Murcia (stands for the Network of Alternative and Solidarity Economy, which is actively engaged with the Southeast Permaculture Network, the Seed Network in the Region of Murcia and the Ecovillages Meetings.

It takes two steps to become a member of the association. The first one is to fill in and sign the application form for membership and send it to us via a member of the board or alternatively by post. And the second step is to pay a 60 euro entry fee into Biosegura account, whose bank details are as follows: (Cajamar 3058-0268-17-27 2000 3860).

Subsequently, we have an annual fee of 36 euro (just 3 € a month), to be paid in two instalments: 18 euro in January and 18 euro in June. Apart from that, when a member joins the association during the course of the year, only a 3 euro monthly fee is to be paid for the remaining months.

Orders are made on a weekly basis (except in July, August and public holidays on Tuesdays). Products are available to members from Saturday to Friday online through the sales portal Orders can be made from Saturday at 8 am up to the following Saturday at 8 am. We place the orders to our suppliers early on Friday mornings, therefore any consumer order taken on a Friday evening is classified as a late one and it may lack some products;mostly milk, bread, and some fruits coming from afar. Maximum payment date is Thursday and in the event of a late order, Friday.

The Board is composed of producers and consumers, and up to May 2013 (the date of the last ordinary meeting) is formed, by:

PRESIDENT: Francisco Muñoz Reales

VICE-PRESIDENT: Ángel López Pérez

SECRETARY: Pedro Luis Herrera

TREASURER: Federico Martínez-Carrasco P.



Board member: Fernando Ros

Board member: Heidi Strohmayer


For any questions regarding orders, product delivery process or any other information, you can call the following contact numbers:

ü  Products and General Information: Paco (627227590)

ü  Account balance and Information: Heidi (677111628)

ü  Store and pickup point (La Loma): Heidi (677111628)

ü  Delivery drivers: 1.- Paco (627227590)  //  2.- Kisko (635468143)

For more up-to-date and detailed information on all the activities being carried out within the association, you can visit the website: We are at your assistance on the website, providing new sections, including a mailing list which facilitates communication between all members of Biosegura Association.

Murcia, May 15, 2013

Greetings from Biosegura!

The Board