GROWING - MOY HILLmoy hill enero 2017J A N U A R Y
Welcome to 2017
We hope you enjoyed 2016 as much as we did. For us it was a huge year from planting our first seeds on the new land to putting up tunnels and building sheds, everything was virgin stuff, first sods and broken shovel handles. If you feel like the style of the writing has changed this issue, its because it has, I (Matt) am putting this one together so apologies first for the grammar. Its been a real pleasure to read Sophie’s newsletters and i only hope i can fill this full of some useful information.
From all of us at
The Moy Hill Community happy new year.

Beyond The Break from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

The story of a group of pro surfers who have left the international surfing circuit in order to grow organic vegetables on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. A film made in October by    The Perennial Plate MOY HILL-THE SHED ENERO 2017The Shed

December saw the completion of the ‘shed’ and its a beautiful thing to behold, Kasper the master craftsman is mentioned in the next box so its just the shed we are going to talk about here. Made from almost all Irish Materials, The Uprights came from timber in Cree, pulled with horse by Mick O’Dea, Fergal, Matt and Mitch. The rest of the Structural timber used was recycled and mostly came from the old army camp in Lahinch. the Cladding is Douglas Fir from the midlands, the windows were donated, the walls inside were a mix of clay from the land, sand from the beach and some lime from the midlands, we used some sheep wool for the insulation (we did use some fibre insulation too). Come and see her in all here glory.


Our good friend Kasper Kvist is heading back to Denmark this Friday. Kasper was the man behind the shed, not behind but the master craftsman who designed and built her, he was visiting with his friend back in February and decided to stay and lend a hand getting some covered space for us to pack the produce. It has been a pleasure having him around and he will be missed until his return. He was also crowned longboard champ at dougie one rainy say this summer. His kind and mellow vibrations will stay with us for a good while yet.

Last year we planted a lot of trees, mostly native broadleaf, it was a real pleasure to put them in the ground and we are all going to watch them grow and look forward to ducking under for some shade at some point in the future. Hometree was a idea that we had to help people reconnect to the trees we and earth need. There is more information at WWW.HOMETREE.IE but its about helping in the reforesting process either with a shovel and sapling in your hand or by making a donation, it helps us all reconnect to the Earth, reconnect us to the responsibility we have in protecting it.

For Events and more news click the link below to visit our Facebook Page, if you want to get intouch reply to this email. Thanks again and we wish you a wonderful 2017!

Thanks to Patrick O’Neill for the beautiful photos used in this newsletter