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Dear friends,

Thank you so much for all your support and the many donations you have generously given. We are forever grateful.

To date you have donated 4,133€! We feel touched by the generosity of hundreds of contributors and the many beautiful messages of love and appreciation for Sunseed.

Of course, if you haven’t yet donated, you can be among the first to support our crowdfunding campaign.

Some of you have sent anecdotes of your time spent here, while others have offered skilled support in the form of fundraising expertise and grant writing. We cannot begin to thank you enough.

We are now going global. Many passionate supporters and long-time friends of Sunseed have aided us in our hour of need. We now want to share Sunseed with the world.

In order to ensure we overcome our financial difficulties and safeguard financial sustainability for the future, we are now escalating our fundraising efforts and launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

In an attempt to capture the magic of Sunseed, we have created a short video packed full of interviews with voluntary staff and visitors alike who, in their own words, explain what Sunseed means to them.

Can you help spread the word to support this crowdfunding campaign?

By escalating our fundraising we hope to reach those who have never experienced the wonders of Sunseed for themselves.

Sharing the Sunseed video and crowdfunding campaign through social media channels, such as Facebook, we can reach the wider community beyond our immediate supporters and secure Sunseed’s unique and hands-on environmental education programmes for decades to come.

Again, we appreciate your support eternally,

All the Sunseed staff, volunteers, and cats

Sunseed needs your support!

Dear friends,

Sunseed has always operated on a shoestring budget. However, over the past year, we have incurred a number of extraordinary maintenance costs that has forced us into a precarious financial situation where the possibility of closing the project is a reality.

Can you donate to keep Sunseed alive?

For 30 years, Sunseed has provided practical and hands-on environmental education to thousands of volunteers from across the globe. From Drylands Management to Organic Gardens, volunteers gain deep and lifelong knowledge on the skills necessary for self-sustainability, leadership and environmental stewardship.

Today, our individually tailored, multi-week voluntary programmes offer volunteers a wealth of learning opportunities in areas such as: permaculture in practice; how to build photovoltaic and wind power systems; eco-construction; and soil quality management techniques in semi-arid conditions.

You might recall swimming in the poza, partying in the kitchen, sowing seeds or planting trees. Past and present volunteers love the Sunseed style! Together, we can ensure this continues!

If everyone  receiving this email donates €5 , Sunseed will survive! If you can give more, you support will make a huge difference. Anything you can donate will be appreciated with open hearts.

Sadly, Sunseed’s future is now fatally threatened. The possibility of a shutdown is quickly approaching on the horizon and we need your support.

You can either donate via paypal or by direct bank transfer – details on the left.

Thanks for your support,
All the Sunseed staff, volunteers and of course, the cats

Sunseed´s Bank Details

La Caixa, Sorbas

Account no: 2100 7863 57 2200011361

Account name: Sunseed Tecnologia Del Desierto

IBAN ES30 2100 7863 57 2200011361