En Los Molinos del Rio Aguas están ubicados los huertos ecológicos de Sunseed, donde vamos a pasar un fin de semana de teoría y práctica para aprender la poda de árboles frutales y vid. No hace falta ningún conocimiento previo para participar, y dentro del curso habrá espacio para que personas de todos niveles puedan aprender.

Los temas tratados incluirán:
– fisiología básica de plantas
– herramientas de poda – selección y cuidado
– el tiempo adecuado para la poda
– diferentes especias de árboles frutales y sus exigencias y cuidado
– como acercarse al árbol y elegir la poda adecuada
– la poda de la vid
El seminario lo daré en Inglés y Castellano, según las necesidades de los participantes, y sale a 100 € el finde entero, incluyendo alojamiento y comida en Sunseed. Para la inscripción hay que hablar con ellos, pero cualquier pregunta también se puede dirigir a mí…
<bern.hard@gmx.net> o 661-358507
saludos de Almería

Join Bernhard Hartl and Sunseed’s Organic Gardens staff January 11-13th for this 3-day course on pruning fruit and nut trees. Winter is often time for pruning many fruit-bearing trees in southern Spain, and Sunseed has over 40 trees to care for and maintain, including cherry, almond, walnut, mulberry, pear, plum, grape-vine, apple, citruses, loquot, quince, fig, pomegranate and Chinese date. Different types of trees need different care techniques, especially when looking to have a sustainable harvest with hearty fruits. How can we steward healthy trees and promote fruit production, while also helping them to grow in a way that they’re easier to harvest over time? Trusting trees to grow ‘wildly’ could impede on fruit production, and pruning trees by using guess-work or the wrong technique could leave you with unstable branching patterns, frustratingly difficult-to-reach fruit, or worse, crippling diseases that halt production. The course makes a total of 12 hours, and includes both teaching and practice. We might spend the first hours of the morning indoors, as well as the last hours of the afternoon (after dark) to focus on theory. Then, most of the daylight hours we are out on the terraces and in the orchard gardens learning how to apply the right-theory for the trees by pruning them.

Topics we will include are:

  • Basic plant physiology
  • Choosing, using and maintaining pruning tools
  • Winter, summer? – choosing the right time to prune
  • Different tree species and their specific needs and growth behaviors
  • Assessing each individual tree and how to choose the right approach to prune
  • Grapevine pruning: vines are different from trees

Bernhard Hartl is an Austrian horticulturist, chemist and tree enthusiast. He has been living, gardening and pruning trees in Spain since 2004, and working professionally with plants since 1998 (nursery, pruning, horticulture, landscaping). Trees are a special interest for Bernhard after he pruned his first apple tree in 2002, and since then he has had hundreds of trees under his care. He has worked extensively in planting fruit gardens, caring for young trees and bringing old orchards back into production. He is fluent in Spanish, English and German. The course begins Friday January 11th in the evening and will end Sunday afternoon. The price of the course is 100€ including full (vegetarian) board from dinner on Friday the 11th to Sunday lunch, as well as accommodation (from Friday to Saturday)

Booking conditions for all courses

This course will be run in English and Spanish. You need no previous experience or knowledge to join a course with us – all are welcome. In addition to learning lots of new things you will also be part of a low impact community in the beautiful surroundings of Los Molinos del Rio de Aguas in Southern Spain. FOR JOINING A COURSE BOOKING IS NEEDED