After the stunning wild beauty of Cap de Creus and Port Lligat we are so lucky to find another beautiful place, completely different, but exactly what we needed for a relaxing pit-stop. This time it’s a camping what we fall in love with. It’s Ecocamp Vinyols, a peaceful green oasis and a paradise-on-earth for families and animals, just 20 minutes from Tarragona.
It was originally a farm and since 13 years it’s a camping where little ones (and co.!) can play with animals, join educational activities, relax in wooden houses or cotton tents, take advantage of the playground or the swimming pool… and taste local products at the restaurant that this year has been labelled “Slow Food Km 0”.
We interview Joanma, the director, and Montse, the restaurant chef (audio in Spanish; English transcription below).

Video transcripcion
Sabrina: We are at Vinyols ecocamping. We would like to ask you what “ecocamping” means to you.
Joanma: So, what is an “ecocamping”? Perhaps the easiest way to explain it is to say that the basic idea here is to transmit to people our lifestyle. In the area around you can mainly find small fincas of 4/5 or 10 hectares, always equipped with a small house where a person lives all year, with a farm of animals, a vegetable garden and an agricultural crop. For us it is a matter of combining this typicality with organic farming: this finca belonged to my grandfather, then my father inherited it and it was him who started organic farming. This finca has been certified for organic farming since the beginning of the 1990s. Here, the idea is to involve guests in this kind of life, healthy, ecological, environmentally friendly, with animals, etc ..
Sabrina: When did the ecocamp open?
Joanma: It opened its doors in 2005, so this summer will be 13 years old.
Sabrina: We have seen that there is a restaurant that has obtained the certification, if I can call it this way, “Slow Food Km 0”.
Montse: Let’s say I’ve always been interested in the Slow Food movement. Here we had a chef – Xari Fabra – who formed and introduced the entire kitchen team in the Slow Food world, which is very close to the philosophy of the camping: proximity products, ecological products, prefer local producers in the area and prefer products really peculiar to the area. So if a specific type of tomato or legume is grown here, we give support to the producer who grows it by buying from him, without looking for anything else. It is a matter of thinking the kitchen as a combination of seasonal and local products, and for the most part organic. Slow Food was born in Italy as a movement that opposed Fast Food: eating must be a moment of conviviality and pleasure, of meeting, without haste, a moment of enrichment in which one enjoys the food, the company, the moment, which is unrepeatable every time.
Sabrina: We have seen a lot of children, I think they are school classes…
Joanma: Yes. This place is also a place for children. Our customers are mostly families with young children. And the schools around here sometimes come to do activities all day long: they discover the vegetable garden, the animal farm, the insects that populate the camp site and their functions, etc.
Sabrina: Sure they will have a lot of fun! Thanks then for the interview.
Joanma: Thanks to you.

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